Life has been beautiful. After completing my graduation studies in Automobile Engineering,I started working at General Motors India where I am a Deputy Manager now. I have been blogging for about 7 years now. I didn’t blog much for some time in between but the urge to write is too strong now. I have a diary of sorts that I carry with me. Primarily it used for my daily operations at work, but I jot down things I like and ideas to revisit later. In the long run, most of them turn in to my blogs.

I like to read , watch movies and TV series. I have a long list of books that are yet to be read including an ever increasing stack of books in my cupboard that I bought because I wish to read. I enjoy comics and cartoons as much. My favorite ones include Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, I am Weasel, Johnny Quest, Ninja Robots, Young Justice, InuYasha, GetBackers, Flame of Recca, Samurai X, Full Metal Alchemist, and Naruto. I have mostly read mainstream comics such as the Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern, Uncanny X-Men, Watchmen and V for Vendetta. Someday I wish to read more of these, and non DC-Marvel ones as well. Of late, I have been reading Level 10 comics as well. I find that there is never a particular age of comics and cartoons. You have story lines that are there for kids and adults. It is just a different form of art and presentation. So please, don’t make me roll my eyes when you say that I shouldn’t be reading comics or watching cartoons at this age.

So long for now.

25 thoughts on “About me

    1. It is a screen capture of a scene in the movie ‘V for Vendetta’. In this scene the woman (Evey) is about to kiss the man in the mask (V). V is about the ignite the revolution and plans to not return alive from it , thinking that he has nothing to return to once his revolution,his revenge on the government is done.. Both of them love each other, and she kisses him to tell him that she will be there waiting for him.. He however has resigned himself to this fate because he believes that he is a monster who doesn’t belong here..

      The scene is of significance to me is because that here are two people who love each other, where one knows that he will not return because of what he has committed himself to and she wants him to give it all up because he deserves more than what he thinks. It is like a mixture of helplessness and hope.. of letting go and of want..

  1. Do you really care about people rolling their eyes at you enjoying your comics? I mean like, really?

    1. Hello Dagny, thank you for dropping by my page.

      I don’t care much if they just roll their eyes.. I roll my eyes when they tell me about it now.. Initially it didn ‘t matter much, but by now I have had my fair share of people telling me that comics and cartoons are for kids when they have not read or viewed any of them/ know nothing about them to say so

      1. And that gets your goat? For people to make value judgments about things they know nothing about?

      2. To tell you the truth, it gets me too. But of late I have acquired a zen like detachment to the whole thing. I tell myself, “As a responsible citizen of the world and a member of the human family, I ought to show you how stupid you are. But I wont. I will leave you with your stupidity intact. And that’s my punishment for you. It will surely cause you suffering- your stupidity. If God is kind, he will let me watch when you are suffering.”

        And I glide off (conceptually, you know) with an angelic smile lighting up my face.


  2. Hi. I believe that you live in Baroda? I have lived in Baroda in the past and have written (and still write) posts on Baroda. I am looking for some pictures for an upcoming post. I’d like to mail you my requirement. Of course, the photos will be credited to you, if used. Do you mind sharing your mail id?

  3. i read your bio like three or four times… so much description of comics and books.. no food?seriously, don’t you think your beloved food needs some space in your bio.. c’mon don’t give me that eye roll… update it 😛 reminds me my about page needs some twerking too.. sigh!

  4. I am a cartoon buff too. Never got to follow them religiously after my Cartoon Network phase (till about 2004). Then CN switched to anime manga and thus ended my cartoon phase. Do you like Phantom, Mandrake, Rip Kirby?

  5. WordPress recommended that I read your blog. So here I am. While my brain begins to froth in rebellion when faced with equations, I nevertheless enjoyed your notion of designing a planet, the way you approached it. I am secular, but I think if I were a God I could easily find more than a few planets fitting your description, thereby filling your need; considering however many billions of suns in our galaxy; however many billions of galaxies, not to mention multiple universes. But then, having found this desired place in the multiverse, I would declare it sacred and keep it a secret, to prevent the inevitable swarm of developers and contractors in search of markets and natural resources who will declare your little clan to be troublesome aborigines, and move you to a reservation. Mum’s the word.

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