I had been meaning to get a tattoo ever since I had started college. I had a long break of about 5 months before college during which I spent a lot of time in libraries, and with the TV. I would read upon things that would catch my eye in some TV serial or movies. One of the things that I read about was tattoos. The idea of it still appeals to me. It is something of your own choice that stays on you forever. Yes, we can get them removed now but I didn’t know of it back then. A tattoo would be something that is not only of my choice but will have something that is unique to me.

Back then I didn’t have enough money to get one as my most of my allowance would be spent on movies and internet. The cost of getting a tattoo done was relatively high as well. Back then a small time tattoo parlor would charge anything upwards of 600 INR per square inch, and my monthly allowance was 500 INR of which I wouldn’t save more than 100 by month’s end. I had kept some designs in my diary that I would like to use. I was tempted by Chinese characters due to some of the dubbed Chinese/Japanese kung fu / martial arts shows that would come on TV that I was a fan of. But since I can’t read the script, I gave up on the idea.

Once I started working, I had enough money to get one done. I asked around for some parlors in my city and zeroed in on Relic Tattoos. After some discussion with him, I shared my design with him, and some fine tuning and discussions later we were ready to go. I was slightly worried about the amount of pain that would be a part of this. I made a note of  pre-tattoo requirements he had told me. When we finally started, I was at ease because asked me to make a playlist of my favorite songs and I closed my eyes. There was a small sting that I initially felt, but I got curios and wanted to see first hand how it is done. It was only a second before I became oblivious to any pain. This is what I finally got.


The idea behind this was to meld the symbols of Alpha, Omega and Infinity. If you read upon them, many religious texts about God will have a variation of “I am the beginning, I am the end”. This was my take upon this statement. Alpha and Omega have been used to signify the start and end, and infinity is used for the infinite and boundless. This tattoo on my wrist means to me that for all my work, actions and tasks, I am the person who controls when and how to start, and to end. The infinity is for the infinite potential I believe I have in me.

I mean to get more tattoos down the line as well. The ones that I want are:


This the tattoo of ‘The Symbol’ which Jessica Sanders has in the TV series Heroes (of which I am big fan of). The symbol is combination of two characters sai (才) for great talent and yo (与) for godsend. This can also mean someone bestowed with great talent or genius. This tattoo would be on my shoulder blade like the character has


I also want to get one based on the Harry Potter Series. The symbol in the center is that of the Deathly Hallows. The three symbols on the outside are for the Golden Trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione. The Lightning symbol is for Harry (for his scar), the Crown for Ron (“Weasley is our King!” and for his ability at chess) and the Flame for Hermione (People use an electric bulb to signify that she is the brightest with of her age, but I used a flame symbol for the flames she easily conjures and as a witch it makes a better symbol than a bulb). This character would be on my left arm where the death eaters in the series have the Dark Mark tattooed.

In the long run, if I get married and have kids then I will get a family tree tattooed on my chest which will the names of my parents, my wife, me and eventually kids. The image that I have in my mind is to have a landscape with my parents’ name in the soil, my wife and me as fruit bearing trees and the kids as birds in a nest.

Based on the prompt ‘Daily Prompt: Tattoo…. You?‘ by The Daily Post

54 thoughts on “The tattoo that I have, and the ones I want

  1. Superb dud…I love your present tattoo…I think it says a lot about the person that you are and what you believe in. I love the design. I know how one can get drunk of getting the tattoo once you have one. I have been itching to get another one myself…just waiting for the right time 🙂

  2. Good luck with your plans on getting tattoos. The first one looks good.
    I am too chicken about the pain to even think of getting one.

    1. Pain is a very relative thing when it comes to tattoos. In my case it was only the first sting one feels when getting an injection. After that it was just mild tickling or tingling. It also depends on which part of your body you’re getting a tattoo, and your own personal tolerance level.

  3. You know, its considered bad luck getting the names of your loved ones tattooed. I loved the story behind your current design. I got one in college, and another one when I got my my first job. Now I plan to get another one. Maybe I should write about them with this prompt too.

      1. So I tried finding the most ancient pic of my 1st tattoo…The best I can find is this:

        This is when I got my 2nd tattoo. The 1st one is a “Chinese Inscription” meaning Pure..in line with my lifestyle of No Addictions.
        The 2nd one is a “Maha-Mitryunjaya Mantra”, a prayer offered to Lord Shiva in Sanskrit. I really like the message, and my father really wanted me to learn it, so I thought why not..

  4. Echoing Rickie’s comment here, have always loved the concept of tattoos, but have always shivered at the thought of the pains to be taken (quite literally) for them.

    1. Pain is a very relative thing when it comes to tattoos. In my case it was only the first sting one feels when getting an injection. After that it was just mild tickling or tingling. It also depends on which part of your body you’re getting a tattoo, and your own personal tolerance level.

  5. HB, I still have your gift tag preserved, where you wrote: ‘With Love, (a symbol of alpha, omega infinity like ur tattoo)” 🙂
    This one’s become your identity 🙂

    1. Pain is a very relative thing when it comes to tattoos. In my case it was only the first sting one feels when getting an injection. After that it was just mild tickling or tingling. It also depends on which part of your body you’re getting a tattoo, and your own personal tolerance level. If you have more flesh below the skin, it will pain less.. and if you have bone below then it will pain more.

    1. The modern ways are less painful because of the automatic gun they use.. Otherwise they had hammer and nail, which I am told pains many times more..

      Now that you remind me, I need to find where I can get that in India

  6. What a wonderful Tattoo relic 🙂 by relic tattoes that too. Loved the name. I loved how u explained the begin , end and infinite potential. Now I understand what ur tattoo means ?! And WOW at those HP tattoos idea and aww at that family tattoo idea- how cool and creative 🙂
    Ur tattoos represent u And ur life- all in all…

  7. Nice tattoo.. 🙂 I had thought about this one, that the alpha and the omega might be to denote the start and the end. But the infinity symbol, I couldn’t think of what that could mean. I thought maybe you had some deep interest in mathematics 😀
    The choice of the other tattoos are cool. Getting one has been in my mind for sometime now..only need to decide upon a place and a design. I am more drawn towards Egyptian symbology. I had already talked with Ayush regarding this.. so now I have one more expert to get pointers from.. 😉

    1. Math and me don’t have such a pleasant history.. I have had very poor performance . 😛

      Generally people go for the ankh, the eye or the symbol of the horus in egyptian symbology tattoos. Drop a line whenever you want to discuss 🙂

  8. Loved the thought and reasoning behind your current tattoo… very profound! And the future ones too!! 🙂
    Getting a tattoo is on my wishlist, but havent given thought to the design as yet. I must think about it now!

  9. I knew it was the alpha and omega – I didn’t know what it meant to you personally. Makes absolute sense now. 🙂
    I’m not sure how I feel about tattoos, Santulan. While I’m all for people doing what they like, I’m a little wary because I know this can get quite addictive. 😦

  10. Woow.. loved that… Even I wish to have a tattoo.. lets see.. if i can get one in near future…

    n u know what today only i was in a discussion with one of my colleague about tattoos.. he warned me with the pain it brings with itself… 😦 sach mein bohot pain hota hai kya???? 😦 😥

    1. If you can handle getting an injection, then you can handle getting a tattoo done. You need to take care of the tattoo till it is ‘fresh’ which is about 2 weeks. It pains less if you have more flesh below the skin where you’re getting a tattoo, and more if there is bone directly below..

      But otherwise it is like getting an injection, and after 2-3 mins you get used to it.

  11. Great thought carefully inked..well I love tattoo too..like the big intricate one Angelina bears..still waiting to get one done..BTW about the tattoo parlor you said, what are the safety measures( I am more scared about the unpronounceable diseases ).

    1. Your concerns are valid.. generally what you must look for:
      1. A fresh needle is used for you.
      2. the artist wears sterile gloves
      3. The ink isn’t from common holder.. Normally what they do is that they take out ink in a small container/holder and use that.. And not directly from the large one..
      4. Keep your tattoo covered till it is fresh.
      5. Don’t Itch.

  12. I simply loved the idea behind your current tattoo. And the design and artwork, it’s so neat. I do have few things in my mind but I still can’t make up my mind for having them inked. The permanency of them bothers me.

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    Come on over and visiit my website . Thank you =)

  14. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
    It is the little changes that produce the most significant changes.
    Thanks for sharing!

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