Teeth are important calcium based parts of the body. Primarily their function is to bite, chew and break down food so that it can be consumed and digested. Secondarily they serve as an offensive or defensive mechanism. Carnivores use teeth in hunting to capture and kill their prey. Teeth can also be used in self defence, in the act of biting the attacker.  Generally teeth are present in the mouth; however there is a movie that tells the story of a girl who has teeth in her vagina.

Titled ‘Teeth’, the movie is about a teenage girl Dawn, who has ‘Vagina Dentata’ or teeth in her vagina. The idea of this is not new. It is found in numerous cultures, and is used as a folk story to discourage rape, the idea being that rapist’s penis will be bitten off by the teeth in the vagina.

Dawn is part of a teenage abstinence group, and is ridiculed by some of her class mates for it. Two of her abstinence group friends introduce her to Tobey, whom she grows close to. After swimming together in a lake, they spend time in a cave nearby. They give in to their attraction towards each other and start kissing. Dawn doesn’t want to progress beyond that, while Tobey wants to have sex. In an iconic first occurrence, Dawn’s teeth bite off his penis.

Dawn later befriends another boy, Ryan from her class. Ryan doesn’t ridicule her like most of her class mates do, and is an emotional support for her when her mom is going through health woes. While initially apprehensive, the two successfully manage to have sex. Later, in yet another iconic scene Dawn finds out that Ryan did all this as part of a bet which involved him ‘scoring her’. He boasts of this in a telephone conversation with a friend while the two are having sex; which leads to (as some of you may guess it) her vaginal teeth biting his penis off.

The movie however is about more than just her teeth. There is a scene of a biology class where the text books have a detailed diagram of a penis, but that of a vagina is censored by a sticker. On being asked, the teacher merely says that it is inappropriate to show female genitals. This leads to further doubts and confusion in the mind of Dawn, who is left to resort to internet searches on her own.

Actress Jess Weixler, who plays Dawn, has done a wonderful performance. She is able to pull of the scenes which show her as a frightened and confused teenager, with as much as ease the scenes which show her as confident and in control person. The movie was premiered at the 2007 Sundance festival, and is a blend of drama, horror and comedy.


Written for day 20 of the A to Z Challenge

9 thoughts on “Teeth

  1. I so wish vaginae had teeth. All this nonsense of being ‘provoked’ will take a backseat.
    Sounds like an interesting movie. 🙂

    1. I wish Vaginae had teeth too Shail. What an absolutely wonderful remedy for rape!

      You have a collection of the most awesome movies truly Hrishikesh!

  2. Interesting but it was scary when the first time I read this and watched the trailor. Had to watch it the second time to absorb it..!
    Then a wicked thought comes that says Let’s hope this can be implanted and used at a woman’s discretion with the help of technology. Interesting na!

  3. Teeth in vagina 😮
    I guess this shud happen naturally to all and they shud become razor sharp when provoked or forced
    What a unique movie . Never heard of it
    Thanks Hrishikesh

  4. I guess I have to watch the movie before I form an opinion, but I do hope humanity comes up with a solution to violence than ‘Vagina Dentata’ – I guess the idea is worth entertaining… but I would prefer to see the whole of society honour and protect women without fear as the motivation… all the best for the rest of the #atozchallenge
    Reflex Reactions

  5. Scary for me ! Yet how wonderful it would be if the vaginal teeth could be used to control the nonsensical rapes that happen in our country !!

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