How difficult it is to survive

the emergence of the routine

that is everyday?

The madness that is to conform,

chipping and chiseling at yourself

unless someone else takes a hammer to you.


When that is not enough,

there will be a blade.

With your own hands if not others’,

it will go inside and empty you

of what you were.


And then when all that is to be done,

I will present myself to them.

A deformed, and wretched version of what I once was.

Devoid of anything that was me,

devoid of anything that had unparalleled value.


A hollow, twisted trophy

to what they are capable of,

and a testament of my own inability.

This is what I shall offer.


When they’re looking at me,

beaming and proud

at the handiwork they asked for,

I will smile.


The smile will not be enough

and I shall laugh.


Laugh until hurts,

laugh in a manner that is unrestrained.

Laugh at the memory of who I could have been,

laugh at who I have become.


And then I will laugh because

I will be the only one laughing for it.

There will be no one there

to appreciate why.


And before my laugh merges

with theirs, I will know

that the joke is on them.


Written for day 3 of NaPoWriMo. The prompt was to use non Greco-Romian mythology. I couldn’t come up with anything, I chose the option to free style. Using an old poem of mine that has not been on the blog.


Into the abyss

When I stood at the edge of the abyss,
I closed my eyes and
fell into it with open arms.
Drifting through its vast emptiness.

When I opened my eyes
I saw in the infinite
what I couldn’t see up close.
Other souls like mine.

Souls that celebrated their being,
questioned the infinte
and saw beyond the fear of boundaries.
It was like falling in love.


Written for Day 2 of NaPoWriMo. The prompt was to write a poem based on the quotation given by the Bibliomancy Oracle. My quotation is :

If you wander far enough
you will come to it
and when you get there
they will give you a place to sit

from “Oh No” by Robert Creeley

The first prompt for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) is to write an Ekphrastic Poem. Ekphrasis is the description of a piece of art.


One of my favorite artists is Alice Zhang. Some of her works on pop culture are simply wonderful. I am using this work of hers which is titled as “An Ocean of Oil”

Laugh now,

but know that I shall sow the seeds

of vengeance,spite and envy

and wait. Patiently.

I shall water them, nurture them

and let them grow in to big large trees .

And when then when they bear fruits,

I shall set the whole thing on fire.

I shall watch it burn,

and with it

burn every bit of this place to ash.

When there is nothing else left to burn,

I shall finally dance.



Thanks to Janaki for telling me about NaPoWriMo

Written in Water

There he lay
His name written in water
And the waves made from the name ebbed away,
Touching the lass sitting little away on the bank,
Writing her own name in water
And then watch her name ebb away too.

She sat there too
Her hand still in water
Now just moving
And making random waves in it.
The blowing wind catches her attention
For it reminds her of a familiar scent,
Making her wish she could smell it again.
A smile escapes her lips,
Stars light up in here eyes,
And an odd form of beating begins in her breast.

There she lay, her hand in water
Writing a name not her own.
She continues to stare in her own reflection
Even after the name ebbs away
The one closer to her than her own.
She takes a deep breath
So full of passion; so full of hope
Giving her the strength
To sit there and gaze at the water
And find a face in it not her own.

A rustle in the leaves and the sound of some steps
And she turns around all euphoric
For her wait is now over
She puts her arms around him
And they share each other’s essence.

There he lay
His name written in water
And the waves made from the name ebbed away.
He wondered who theses waves
Would touch this time

For you

If you’re reading this, then this is for you…

———-For you———–
Flickering every now and then,
Your eyes are like the fireflies that dance
To the joy of finding a partner.
Joy is elusive of you,
The tears that trickle down your cheeks
Tear and pull your skin like the maelstroms.
The clouds shall move in unison
Flock over to where you are
To kill the winds with their stagnancy.
The rain will then pour
Healing you with every drop
That shall caress your soul.
The rains will come for you.

When the night grows thick and dark,
Cocooning you in a sap of tranquility
Making the air too thick to breathe,
Suffocating you in your own breath.
The moon shall shine bright,
Its gleam subliming the envelop.
The moon will come out for you.
When the darkness of the night covers all
Encompassing all around you,
Laying difficulties in your path
The stars will shine brighter
Illuminating your path of Destiny
And guide you like they did the Three Kings.
The stars will shine for you.

When storms are heading your way,
And the skies prepare their arrows
And let their electric weapons through,
As the thunders and rumbles begin their vociferous march
Coming forward in waves,
Violating the borders of home.
Causing the doors and windows to clatter in fear
The sun will shine bright,
Its rays purging the ominous clouds
Creating an aura of protection around you.
The sun will rise for you.
Only For you.

Poem : Mother’s Signs

As the drops fall

I wonder

Whether they are meant to cool us

Or the cries of

Those above us.

When the wind blows

When I feel it in my hair

I feel like some one caressing me

And yet at times

It stings.

When I put my hands through the bushes

I like the feel

Of the softness

Of buds, flowers and leaves,

The texture of the stem

And yet some times

Splinters upon me feed.

When the sun beams

It fills me up

With the warmth

To battle the frost

To destroy the darkness within

And yet at times

It burns

And dries me up.

I guess we must all

Read the signs

Of how mother nature

Warns us of where

Our steps lead.

Poem : Like a Bee

This was inspired by a good friend of mine.
Like a bee she buzzes by,

Over here once

Enchanted by the beauty of the flower

And then away to another one.

In a striking black dress,

Every eye in the room turns

Hoping to catch a glimpse

Of the lady who dances to the tunes.

Everyone else seems to be dancing

But not her,

She seems to be enchanting;

Her each step speaking,

Telling here story

Just like a bee.

They say it takes two to tango,

Those who’ve seen her

Mesmerized by her grace

Seem to join in

Dancing along in another realm.

For when her words come out

Or her eyes blink

They get transported to another world.

Reminiscent of the fragrance that lingers

Even after she passes by

As if she is the flower

She is in search of.

Like a bee she buzzes by

Over here once

And then away

Leaving everyone

Hoping they were the sweetest flower

Poem : Travel by a train

I travel a lot by trains given the fact that i commute weekly from Home to college.
They say that not travelling

Is like reading only one page of a book,

But if feel that not having

Travelled by a train is

Like having read only one book.

The train gives many sights

From the hustle and bustle of the station,

People running here and there

Carrying heavy bags and grinning children,

To the tranquillity of the passes

With their swindling turns,

And the peaceful green foliage

Or may be the dark tunnels

That echoes the hopes

Of those who travel within.

Flying a plane may only

Show you the clouds

But travelling in a train

Let the wind blow in

Ruffle you hair, fill up your lungs

With scents of flowers and fruits

That you pass along,

Or the taste of the purity

Of the rivers that flow below

That make you want to

Jump along with the kids,

Get all wet young, once again.

Don’t stop with just one book,

Another train for a new journey awaits.

Poem : The moonlight

One of the few romantic poems I have written.
Hands in hands and heads resting on each others shoulders,

Seated near the bustle of a road

And yet so untouched, so immersed

In each others’ company.

He looks at her and like always

Is mesmerized by her sight,

Her face glowing quite like the moonlight.

The moonlight brings together many,

All enchanted by their lovers

For its charisma feeds the thumping

That longs for the heart of other.

The moon does not burn itself

To dispel the cold and darkness,

The moon may only reflect

The aura of some one else

But it is that reflection

That brings together

Many hearts in this world.

Poem : That little stretch

THis is one of the poems that had me deeply involved on a personal and emotional level.
Like a cigarette that burns and smokes

Not only itself but the smoker

And a few innocents if he’s careless enough

It burns me from the inside

Slowly but surely.

Some times pushing, some times depressing

To see that how

I’ve let the proverbial sins take over.

Everything comes at a price,

Nothing is free.

Imagine a personal hell

Far different from what you’re told about.

The pain not physical

Yet almost unbearable.

Some say it’s because I’ve fallen

While others say that

I chose to be where I am

While the rest of the world rose.

Imagine a thousand seeds,

All throbbing inside you

And then bursting together

Taking you wave by wave.

I hope that this is the last one,

And one seed finds the audacity to stay

Ands start all over again.

I bow down, fold my hands and pray,

Hope that I find the strength,

That this is the last stretch

And I don’t end up starting all over again.

It’s my personal hell,

I am praying for deliverance

And hope that this little stretch

Finally comes to an end.