This was inspired by a good friend of mine.
Like a bee she buzzes by,

Over here once

Enchanted by the beauty of the flower

And then away to another one.

In a striking black dress,

Every eye in the room turns

Hoping to catch a glimpse

Of the lady who dances to the tunes.

Everyone else seems to be dancing

But not her,

She seems to be enchanting;

Her each step speaking,

Telling here story

Just like a bee.

They say it takes two to tango,

Those who’ve seen her

Mesmerized by her grace

Seem to join in

Dancing along in another realm.

For when her words come out

Or her eyes blink

They get transported to another world.

Reminiscent of the fragrance that lingers

Even after she passes by

As if she is the flower

She is in search of.

Like a bee she buzzes by

Over here once

And then away

Leaving everyone

Hoping they were the sweetest flower

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