I travel a lot by trains given the fact that i commute weekly from Home to college.
They say that not travelling

Is like reading only one page of a book,

But if feel that not having

Travelled by a train is

Like having read only one book.

The train gives many sights

From the hustle and bustle of the station,

People running here and there

Carrying heavy bags and grinning children,

To the tranquillity of the passes

With their swindling turns,

And the peaceful green foliage

Or may be the dark tunnels

That echoes the hopes

Of those who travel within.

Flying a plane may only

Show you the clouds

But travelling in a train

Let the wind blow in

Ruffle you hair, fill up your lungs

With scents of flowers and fruits

That you pass along,

Or the taste of the purity

Of the rivers that flow below

That make you want to

Jump along with the kids,

Get all wet young, once again.

Don’t stop with just one book,

Another train for a new journey awaits.

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