The coffee is getting cold

‘Jingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way’ her phone rang. She smiled and saw that it was Ariel who was calling her. Ariel and Rina were friends for some time now. Although they were introduced to each other just more than two years ago by some common friends, their friendship had steadily grown ever since and not only were they fond of each other’s company but also trusted each other immensely.

“Hello there, long time no see. When did you come back from your trip, and did you bring anything for me?”

“What is it with girls and gifts? I got back last night only. Can you make it for some coffee?”

“Sure, I still haven’t had my morning cuppa yet, why don’t you come over to my place now? I’ll have some hot coffee ready by the time you come”

“Excellent idea, be over there in fifteen minutes.” He disconnected the phone. He better have brought me a gift she thought.

After more than fifteen minutes later the door bell rang. Obviously it would have to be Ariel.

“You’re late mister” she said as she opened the door.

“Will I be able to bribe thee with some chocolates and a wonderful new bottle opener?”

“The chocolates will make me fatter you know”

“I guess that means I am forgiven for being late” and he stepped in to the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee. Apart from their taste in wine, and food they shared a common love for coffee.

“Ah, that smells wonderful, freshly brewed and with hazel nuts too.”

“You’re welcome. Sit; tell me about your trip”

“Switzerland was amazing, although the client was less amazing. He nagged about a whole lot of things until he realized that the delivery was what his team had wanted and not what he had thought which cost him a bunch of euros more.”

“So all in all a profitable trip for you then”

“Yes you can say that. Listening to an old man hag is hardly a price one has to pay for a good profit.”

They sipped their coffee for quite some time. Rina took time to look at the bottle opener she had just received.

“You’re taking an awful long time to examine it you know”

“Speak for your self; you are taking an awfully long time to finish your coffee.”

“I’ve been thinking some thing for some time now”


“Since when do you think we’ve been having coffee?”

“What? What have you been drinking?”

“The coffee you made, seriously tell me how long do you think we’ve been having coffee together?”
“For over a year I guess”

“And how many times more are we going to have it?”

“Seriously, what have you been drinking?”

“I’ll come to the point then, I find it hard to be just a friend with you R. I know this may seem out of the blue to you but like I said I’ve been thinking about it for some time now. Every time you’re around you make me feel special. I’ve never felt like this so long for any one you know. I am asking you out. I love you Rina”

This did come out of the blue for Rina. She did consider Ariel as a very close friend but nothing more. So obviously she was taken aback by this. She found it hard to think in any different way about him. Sure he was there for her all the time but it some how didn’t feel like love. His company was more than enjoyable but she never felt that spark she thought she’d feel for some one she thought she’d be in love with. She remained quiet for some time.

“You know my coffee is getting cold waiting for your reply.”

“You’ve already finished your coffee. Honestly speaking I’ve never thought like this about you A, I always thought of you like a good friend. In fact I don’t even fit your so called profile of your ideal match. You for one wanted some one who is older than you, some one with spectacles.”

“Life isn’t always about what we want. So what if you don’t have spectacles or that we’re of the same age. I love you.”

Some more silence followed.

“Has this got some thing to do with my smoking? I know you don’t like my smoking, but you know I don’t smoke that often anyways. It’s only when I am stressed out flat.”

“Whom are you favoring Ariel? I didn’t even think about this. But you make a good point you know.”

“I am favoring us Rina. Think over it”

“Smoking and come of your other quirks apart I just don’t feel like love with you. You’re about the closest a friend one can have but…”

“Like you said your self Rina, you don’t fit the profile of some one I thought I’d fall for. Perceptions change” He cut in.

“Give me some time; I need to think it over. But I still don’t think your way on this.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be waiting for it R.”

One year later

She was sitting in the gallery of the room sipping some coffee thinking how things would have been different had she made a different choice. She felt a hand run through her hair, and smiled. He came closer and kissed her. He was right; her perception about love had changed too. Ariel sat down. She smiled and said

“Your coffee is getting cold honey”

One thought on “Story : THe Coffee is getting cold

  1. Lovely…You narrate things beautifully.Another good piece of work you’d like to read - belongs to an Indian Idol3 contestant, who indeed writes well. Read and decide.

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