He saw her talking with her friends seated outside the café. She was laughing at something in a manner that made her throw her head back and eyes sparkle. He was in love with her beautiful eyes. It was her eyes that drew him closer. After a long wait he had finally mustered the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend. She said that she already had a boyfriend, but they could be friends. He walked towards her, and in a sudden motion splashed a bottle of acid in her face. Nobody else would now see her beautiful eyes.


100 Words On Saturday

19 thoughts on “Beautiful Eyes – 100 words on Saturday # 12

  1. Love. Sigh. The things it makes some people do. But he wouldn’t ever see those beautiful eyes again, would he? How self-defeating are our defensive and offensive moves, most times.
    Love? I wonder.

    1. Love makes us do things that may not make sense to some one else..

      However as you rightly wondered, was THIS love?
      Thank you, Ushu

  2. OMG! I actually let out a squeak as I read ‘splashed a bottle of acid..’! That was horrifying!

    People and their crazy definition of ‘love’! They are so dangerous..

  3. obsession makes people do crazy stuff and often, they don’t realize how they destroy lives. The death of Preeti Rathi in Mumbai immediately pops in my mind and I wonder why the jilted lovers do such thgs. I believe in free love.

  4. Insecurity, jealousy, possesiveness, grapes-are-sour-attitude….definitely not love. Things people do in the name of love, gives love such a bad name.

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