Dear (Ex) Roomie,

While I’ve had many roommates over the years, you were the last one I shared an apartment with. It was an odd turn of events that I spoke to a common friend about wanting to shift to a different part of the city because I didn’t want to live alone, when we didn’t even know that we existed. Two meetings later, we had moved in together because we were looking for a new place. What followed was years of companionship and endless talks.

In spite of our initial observations of each other, it wasn’t difficult to start talking. Once we got on talking, one topic would lead to another and we would end up forgetting what we had started off in the first place. While it is rare to have this with someone, it is rarer to have it on for the amount of time we did. And I can say this from my experience of having gone through roommates. Compound to this the fact of our wide difference of beliefs and you have got some interesting conversations.

Of course I put up a lot with you because you routinely got me chocolates, the cookies from Karachi Bakery, jawbreakers and those big lollipops with swirls in them. I also like to think that you put with me because you were basking in the awesomeness that is me. There might be a difference of opinion on your part about that, but then that is ok. You must be confused by all the awesomeness that I speak of 😛

I fondly remember the nights we spent at Barista. Sometimes they would have loads of conversations while we sat on the ledge outside with our backs to the glass, and the other times we would spend time inside with hot chocolate by your side, and latte by mine; reading our own books instead.

It’s of course ironical that we don’t share apartments now is the opposite of the reasons that I moved in, that I want to live alone now. When under the same roof, we would always run into each other even with different work timings. Now that it doesn’t happen, we will catch up with dinner sometime this week then.


Written for the 30 days 30 letters prompt: A letter to someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to



9 thoughts on “Dear (Ex) Roomie

  1. you know there are people who are comfortable not talking to someone they like, same gender or otherwise and here i am getting a cardiac arrest, if i skip a couple pf days talking to someone i like.. i like that easy go nature of catching up from right where you left, but i am sometime so clingy, i want to know every damn thing about the ones i truly adore .. sigh.. god made me a misfit in all possible ways.

  2. It is rare to have that kind of a bond with your room mate. When I had to live in a hostel, I had to share my room with someone whom I could not bear for more than five minutes. It soon became my practice that I would go to my room only to nap, all my waking moments I spent with friends of mine from other rooms.

  3. This brought some memories of the good old days ..
    I hope you get to go to dinner with your roomie this week. I must say as pointed out it is rare to find a room mate with whom we just click. I was lucky to have one myself..

  4. “While it is rare to have this with someone, it is rarer to have it on for the amount of time we did.” – Very nicely put. I could say the same for my ex-roomie, except I wouldn’t mean hopping topics. I would mean her eating up all my Doon bakery goodies! 😀

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