A Koki is a part of the Sindhi cuisine, and is a type of flatbread. Based on the same idea as a paratha, it is twist on it. While a paratha has stuffing in it, the koki has the same ingredients incorporated in the flour mixture before it is kneaded.

This recipe adds yet another element of twist in it, by adding leftover rice. Mom has been making ever since I can remember, and she was taught by her mom. For best results you need leftover rice, which is at least 6 hours old since preparation. You can use freshly cooked rice, but it doesn’t give the same texture.

• Leftover Rice – 1 cup
• Flour – 3 cups
• Chillies – 2, finely chopped
• Tomatoes -2 finely chopped.
• Onion (Optional) – 1, finely chopped
• Red Chilli Powder – 2 tsp
• Salt – to taste
• Oil – 1 tbsp for mixing in dough, more to pan fry
• Water – to knead dough

• Take a large plate or vessel in which you can knead the dough. Add the rice to it.


• Add all vegetables save the tomatoes

• Add the flour
• Add the spices and oil

• Add the tomatoes. Mix well


• Add water as you’re mixing and knead the dough into a pliable consistency.
• Once you’ve kneaded the dough, make small balls that you can hold in your fist.
• Roll out each ball flat using a rolling pin

• Heat a tawa/pan
• Add two tsp of oil to grease the pan
• Place the rolled out dough on the pan and let it heat evenly


• Flip it once it has changed color and appears cooked
• Cook the other side just as well


And voila, your koki is ready. Traditionally it is had with some mint chutney.
You can drop a dollop of cheese spread if you’re partial to cheese like me.


Written for day 11 of the A to Z Blog Challenge



18 thoughts on “Recipe: Rice Koki

  1. ooh! My neighbor used to make this regularly and send us a few rotis as well.. it used to be yummy!
    I had forgotten all about it!
    Need to try it at home.. 😀

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