Recipe: Rice Koki

A Koki is a part of the Sindhi cuisine, and is a type of flatbread. Based on the same idea as a paratha, it is twist on it. While a paratha has stuffing in it, the koki has the same ingredients incorporated in the flour mixture before it is kneaded.

This recipe adds yet another element of twist in it, by adding leftover rice. Mom has been making ever since I can remember, and she was taught by her mom. For best results you need leftover rice, which is at least 6 hours old since preparation. You can use freshly cooked rice, but it doesn’t give the same texture.

• Leftover Rice – 1 cup
• Flour – 3 cups
• Chillies – 2, finely chopped
• Tomatoes -2 finely chopped.
• Onion (Optional) – 1, finely chopped
• Red Chilli Powder – 2 tsp
• Salt – to taste
• Oil – 1 tbsp for mixing in dough, more to pan fry
• Water – to knead dough

• Take a large plate or vessel in which you can knead the dough. Add the rice to it.


• Add all vegetables save the tomatoes

• Add the flour
• Add the spices and oil

• Add the tomatoes. Mix well


• Add water as you’re mixing and knead the dough into a pliable consistency.
• Once you’ve kneaded the dough, make small balls that you can hold in your fist.
• Roll out each ball flat using a rolling pin

• Heat a tawa/pan
• Add two tsp of oil to grease the pan
• Place the rolled out dough on the pan and let it heat evenly


• Flip it once it has changed color and appears cooked
• Cook the other side just as well


And voila, your koki is ready. Traditionally it is had with some mint chutney.
You can drop a dollop of cheese spread if you’re partial to cheese like me.


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Hola for some yummy Mexican food

This is another place that I stumbled upon by accident. I was looking for a place that accepted online orders and payment for home delivery orders, when I came across HOLA Mexicana. I enjoyed their food so much, that I ended up ordering at least once every week for some time. Soon it dawned upon me that while I have had their yummy food many times, I haven’t actually been there even once. I made up my mind to go there over the weekend.

HOLA Mexicana is quaint little place nestled in a building complex Fatehganj, Baroda. Their banner is well lit, so that you don’t miss it. The only catch is that you can easily park a two wheeler, but a car will need some efforts.


They have a warm looking interior, which can easily manage 20 or so patrons. One of the plus points is that they have A/C and wifi, so it makes spending the hot noons or evenings easy.


One of my regular orders over here is their mexican rice. While they offer both veg and non veg options, I like to go with the chicken version. It is a fabulous combination of rice, sauces, spices, tanginess, vegetables, beans, shredded chicken (since I go for the non veg version) and cheese. I have had it almost everytime I have ordered from them, and I still enjoy it each and every time.

This is what the bowl of mexican rice looks like when you receive it.


I like to give it a nice mix, before diving in.


Not one to get satisfied with just one bowl of rice, I order something else to go with it. This time I ended up with one of their omelettes.

holaome1They make a nice fluffy omelette that has stuffing inside the fold. Mine had chicken, vegges, spices and cheese. Needless to say it was absolutely delicious.


What is even better about the place is that in spite of serving such delicious food, and giving you a warm and comfortable ambience, they are easy on the wallet. Here’s a snapshot of their menu


This is hands down, one of my favorite places in Baroda to have mexican food. I will leave you with a picture of the HOLA Mexicana team who were happy to pose for a pic for me.




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