Sev Usal is a spicy Maharashtrian dish. Sev is actually fried noodle like strands made of chickpea flour and fried, while Usal is a gravy made with white peas and chutneys along with spices and condiments like ginger, garlic, tamarind and so on. The dish is an incorporation of the two elements. While it can be had by itself, it is more enjoyable to be had with a bread bun locally called as Paav in India.

While Sev Usal is not a dish that is native to Baroda, people of this city have brought it as close to perfection as possible. In turn, the residents of Baroda have showered love by making it a staple part of their diet. A Sev Usal stall is common sight. In fact, in terms of food dishes it is considered by many to be the pride of Baroda.

Locally, Mahakali (named after the Hindu Goddess) is one of the most popular places to have this at. Such is the popularity that many more small time stalls bearing the same name or a variation of it have come up. However, my personal favourite place to have it is the Jalaram Nasta house which is also called Lalabhai’s Sev Usal centre.

Located inside a lane that opens to a road, it is not very easy to locate unless you’re specifically looking for it. I remember getting lost, the first time I went there alone without my friends who would normally take me there. It is marked by a banner in red with the name written in white in Gujurati.


You will first be given a premixed dish to get you started with. If you ask for extra (and I always do), you’re first served the sev and onions, while the gravy comes few moments later.


You can mix and match the sev with the Usal to get the combination you feel right. This is how I start.


An important aspect over here is what is locally called the ‘Tari’. It is basically a chilly preparation made from oil, green and red chillies. It is very spicy, and is added on top at the last before mixing the whole thing.


To be honest, this is one of the reasons that gives Sev Usal its signature feel and adds an extra dose of yum. And there, you finally have your Sev Usal ready..


Feel free to dig in.. Part of their team was happy to be part of a picture that I took before leaving.


The dish and the place are so wonderful that I take my guests and friends over to have a taste of this iconic dish. This is a picture of Shail di and me, when she had come to visit quite some time ago. Repeated comments as to how much younger she looks, may result in bricks flying in your direction 😛


I am attaching its location on Google Maps for you to locate it.


Written for day 10 of the A to Z challenge.


19 thoughts on “Jalaram Nasta House’s Sev Usal

  1. *letting fly some red bricks for saying that* 😀 😀
    Just taking a sneak-peak after returning from watching Queen. Will comment later today.
    By the way, the picture was taken in 2009.

  2. 😦 I have to prepare all this myself here. Baroda has some awesome food joints. I have been to some. Also, that Bombay sandwich guy who makes awesome sandwiches. But, my favourite is the salted peanuts we get, specially the tender coconut flavour.

  3. What! you are going to review all the eating places in your prompts and make us drool? So so yummm and Shail’s smile is vibrant.

  4. Sev usal is one of my favourite snacks. I make variations of it at home with sev/mixture and any gravy.
    Hrishi, after this food series, you must blog about how to maintain one’s weight and health after gorging on all this delicious food!

  5. Not fair, you get to eat all the goodies while we just sit here and drool away all hungry! Thanks for introducing the dishes some of which are new to me.

  6. I haven’t tried this here in Mumbai even after staying here for so long…when it comes to food, I am least adventurous. Your description is sure making me droll.

  7. Shail di does look young and now she looks the same 😛 See I missed that brick narrowly 😉
    and Sev Usal- I nver heard of it..
    Man u shud be paid for blogging about all the eateries or atleast u shud be given a discount or special vouchers. Next time u go give them links to ur blogs 🙂 They will b happpy

  8. I have visited Vadodara earlier & did not know about these places.Next time around,this is one place,I will surely drop by.Thank you, for sharing this.

  9. I am not going to read any of your posts now. This is pure torture. I am suddenly so hungry I could eat you raw! 😦

  10. Aww.. you both look cute! 😀
    And that Sev looks yumm!
    Well not just Shail.. you do too! I like your clean shaven look ..

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