Dear Tejaswee,
One of the few letters that I have been absolutely certain about writing since I read about the challenge, is this one. It is truly sad that we didn’t talk while you were still alive. It’s not that I didn’t know that you existed, I did read bits about on your mother’s blog and that was all of it. I know that there are many of us who would love to have known you from before, and it makes me wonder. Would you like have been different had so many different people been your friends? Would it be different enough, for you to have been here right now, causing me to write this letter to someone else entirely?

I still remember that night when I got the call from Shail Di. I was walking back to my desk from the office canteen when I answered her phone. Something about that call made me feel anxious, and I wondered if something had happened to someone I know. She told me in a very broken tone that you had passed away. Back then, a bunch of us were following your updates on your mom’s Google Buzz. I knew that you had not been well, and were later admitted to the hospital with Dengue. We had hoped that you would recover.

It is after this call that I started reading your blog. There are still times when I find myself reading your blog, knowing that there will be no new posts, but still chuckling at the ones that you had written. One of my fondest posts, is actually from your mom’s blog. She wrote about how you wanted something ‘nice’ to eat which would also be something unhealthy. She tried to offer all sorts of ‘healthy’ stuff like milk instead. Mothers, I know 😛 But you got it right, the unhealthy foods taste so yum. I want to high-five you for that.

Has anyone told you that animals love you? While pets do love their family members, what you shared with Proton and Sher Khan was just marvelous. One look at the lot of you together, and it is obvious that there is a special bond. A part of me is a little bit jealous too, seeing the way Sher Khan bonded with you. Isn’t he such an adorable cat?

The letter that you wrote to your future daughter, is one of the most beautiful pieces that I have ever read. It has such a free flow of emotions to it. I think why this letter is special, is the fact that you wrote it when you were a teenager yourself on the cusp of adulthood yourself. You wrote it in a manner that made one relate to their own life, and what they would like to have from someone older than them at such a point in their life.

You wanted to adopt a girl. It was your one resolution that you knew wouldn’t be broken. Now, a girl has a loving family because of you. A family where she will be loved and cherished as much as you were. Your legacy 🙂


Tejaswee Rao is the daughter of IHM. Fondly called TJ by friends, she died from complications as a result of Dengue. You can read the posts she wrote at her lovely blog. This letter was written as part of the 30 days 30 letters prompt: A letter to A Deceased person you wish you could talk to.

27 thoughts on “Dear Tejaswee

  1. Bawa, this touched my heart. I too haven’t known her, read her blog late. But IHM I used to read very often then, and was quite sad that she passed away. I remember reading her letter to the future and feeling a lump in my throat. Even now, when I am reading it as I type this comment, I’m sure that lump will return. Have not read most of your other letters, but I knew I had to read this one when I saw it. Thanks for this.

  2. Hrishikesh, this brought tears to my eyes and also made me smile. Even I keep going to her blog again and again. Hi5 to you and the sunny girl. Thank you for this post 🙂

  3. Awww… I so know what you mean. Same story even with me, I missed knowing her when she was around, but as you said, she has left a legacy ❤ To TJ!

  4. Hrishikesh this post was overwhelming. Talking about someone who you have seen only from her mother’s eyes and through her blogs, is moving.

  5. I found Tejaswee through her mom’s blog and was instantly hooked to the honesty in her writing.

    Like you, I wish I’d met her and told her this in person. May god give her peace wherever she is now.

  6. I too know her through IHM’s blogs and went to her pages through her mom only. touching and moving it is………..I feel a bonding to her even though never knew her when she was here.

  7. I too know her through IHM’s blogs and went to her pages through her mom only. touching and moving it is………..I feel a bonding to her even though never knew her when she was here.

  8. Lovely letter. I Came to know very late about TJ after 2012 and I was uncontrollably in tears when I read many letters, specially the one to future daughter. She did impact all of us in a special way ❤
    felt good reading this!

  9. Well who says only physical interaction as in verbal communication is real, anyone who touches our soul has made a connect, someone whose face we never saw or whose hand we never held could also be a dear friend and inspiration. Well written.

  10. Loved reading.
    What a wonderful choice of the person to write to!
    (Came over from IHM”s blog)

  11. What a fabulous letter for a fabulous girl that Tejaswee was. A friend of mine had posted her “Letter to her future daughter” on her facebook feed and that’s how I found Tejaswee and then IHM and read about all the painful days that she suffered. I think a lot of our hearts broke when Tejaswee passed away, Well as they say god needs brilliant people, some souls are sent to our life just to enrich it with their presence.

  12. You know, I have this beautiful scene stashed away in a corner of my brain where my mom and TJ is sitting together (where ever they are now), watching and discussing about IHM and me. This thought calms me down when I am in one of those difficult mood. Both TJ and my mom share the same death anniversary date.

  13. I remember that time .. and it made me so sad on hearing the news the worst feeling as knowing IHM I feel that I should have gone to meet IHM but circumstances did not allow and I do hate myself for that each time I visit IHM’s blog ..

    God can be so SO wrong sometimes …

  14. A lot of my thoughts are on your letter. The bit about wishing to know her more.

    She is a beautiful human being, and so much a reflection of IHM.

    So well written, Santulan.

  15. I have thought about Tejaswee a lot of times. I got to know about her from Giri Aunty’s blog (The Grist Mill) just a month after she passed away. I had just started blogging 🙂 I still think of her. I saw a lot of me in her. Her Mom’s brave, like her.

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