The idea of a standalone music player has always appealed to me. Apart from free time, I like to listen to some of my favorite music when I go on the occasional morning runs, the commute to work, and while cooking.


While my smart phone is perfectly capable of playing music during all these times, I have my own peeves while using it so while running or commuting. You see whenever I get a call, an sms, a ping on one of the messengers, a facebook pop or any other notification, the music stops (even if so for a brief moment). This lead to the idea to get myself a standalone music player.


Before I could buy one for myself, her Cracked-ness asked me if I liked listening to music. The conversation ended with her telling me that she is sending me an iPod via the sister who was in her vicinity.


Thank you 😀 It is being putting to good use.

Written for Day 5 of Write Tribe Festival of words


2 thoughts on “I want(ed) a music player

  1. Looks good, and nice and snazzy 🙂 The ipod 🙂
    I too have a sort of aversion to listening to music on my phone, though it’s got all of what I like to listen to. I don’t much like ear-phones either – sometimes I like up the mp3 player I have to a set of speakers, and let the music literally envelop me 🙂 That is really comforting!

  2. I loved my phone nano – it was my constant companion for so many years.I listened to music while jogging, commuting to work and simply when I was bored. Then someone stole it at Bangkok airport . I miss it so !

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