Dear Bindu kun,

I wrote a letter to you some time ago, because I had a brand new fountain pen and ink flowed from it so smoothly that I couldn’t help but write. Now that I am doing this blog challenge, I cannot help but write this as well.

We met as fellow members of a book group which I was inducted in to by my lovely sister after I had sent her a book. There are so many ways it could have not happened. It could have been a different book, or sent a different time, or perhaps she could have graduated to a Kindle sooner, or might have missed out her morning tea that day, but certain set of events took place in the right order, with the right people for me to have found you.

I have said this before, and I will say it again that I am in awe of you. How you are able to manage work, a family, consuming books with that voracious appetite of yours, and cook is beyond me at times. Particularly when I struggle with something like making Maggi on certain work days. While we are on the topic of food, the pictures of your weekend kitchen are just not fair. Nuh uh. How do you expect us to sit on this side of the screen, and look at all the delicious cakes you bake, and stews you simmer? The only silver lining is that we don’t have it as tough as your immediate neighbors who even have to manage with sounds and aroma of the food being prepared. Well boo-hooo for them.

Do you know that you’re the person who’ sent me the most number of books? I liked the irony of you having sent American Gods and Religion for Atheists together 😛 . Oh and the cake and cookies you sent around new year’s were absolutely yum. One of the few rare moments that my friends or colleagues were explicitly forbidden (and I saw to it) from having even a single bite of the load. I had it all for myself. My precious.

When we do meet, I am looking forward to your cooking the most. I want to take in the sights and sounds of you getting about to making food. I have always believed that cooking for someone, is converting your thoughts and feelings for them into something physical, and then sharing it with them. I am sure I would end up licking something shamelessly 😀

Thank you for the food, the books, and the friendship.

Count Santulan



Dear Pixie,

For someone who got so involved in naming a rat snake that liked to say hi to the sister of mine, you don’t like the crawlies so much. But they’re so cute, no? Scuttling towards you just to say hi or hug you 😛 . Ok, I will digress from this topic lest you get tempted to want to punch me. Not that you don’t have reasons already 😀

Someday, when I have saved enough money to, I would like to make a trip to your place. I would like to sleep in at your place at least once, so that I can wake up early and kick you awake, or just yank off the covers if I am feeling kind. On second thoughts, I might prod you with a stick instead so that you didn’t kick me when I do wake you up. Or we can let you sleep in peace if you’re willing to bribe me by making Akki roti and hot rasam. Yeah, that should work out real well 😀

You’re another person who’s like family but we haven’t met in the flesh yet. Had we been in the same city, I would be eating a number of meals at your place. Or call in with ice cream at impromptu times, because ice cream.  Then you would tell me off on how so much ice cream is not good for me, and would end up eating half of it so that I don’t have to eat all of it. Such a generous soul you are 😛

But seriously, you’re the person who genuinely cares about people in your life in a manner that is not over bearing, and makes one feel warm from the inside. When you do get here, I can dump a bunch of books at your place for you to read. Personal recommendations from my personal collection, that I think you’d like to read.

Thank you for sending me pictures of the creepy crawlies that you meet on your walks (and in turn creeping out your husband in the process). I promise to treat you to puffs and patisseries when we meet.





Written for the 30 Days 30 Letters prompt: A letter to someone you wish you could meet. Other bloggers can add their links to the linky below:


30 thoughts on “Dear Bindu kun & Pixie

  1. Ok, you name the books and the flavor 😉

    Now, to answer you, managing all – simple, really. Come home, I’ll introduce you to my Woman Friday and your questions will need no answer 😀
    As for the neighbors, all the next door ones are vegetarians , ha ha ha ha ha

  2. My friends eventually meet and become greater friends. This is a sort of ‘inevitable’ occurrence I have been noticing happening around me since very long now. I call myself ‘the Facilitator’ for just this reason 🙂
    Lovely post on lovely people. 🙂

      1. And then eventually I happily fade out leaving them to their new friendships. I have work elsewhere you see. More people are waiting to ‘meet’ through me 😀

  3. Ah at last you wrote about two people I know- both of whom are awesome women.
    I met both through blogs- thank God for them. I too am in awe of Bindu’s voracious appetite for reading. Though I am a pretty lethal reader myself but my consumption is nowhere as big as that of Bindu.

    Pixie is a darling. I can well imagine her eating half the icecream to protect you from it. She reminds me of a dancing sunbeam, always chirpy.

    Sent from My Blackberry® @ Tata Docomo

    1. Whenever someone says something about my reading habits, I send out a note of gratitude to my woman Friday who takes care of all the routine stuff at home. The story would have been a little different, but for her 🙂

      1. I will say a fervent Amen to that Bindu. My woman friday has been absconding for the past two days and I’m feeling her absence sharply. 🙂

  4. Indeed, I admire Bindu for all the reasons especially reading. But I admire her more for her maturity and conduct online. How terrible is it that we live in the same city but haven’t met as yet.

    Pixie is a spot of sunshine, filled with energy and happiness. I like her warm presence around the blog world. Nice letter this.

  5. I know both for sure , although bindu mam has forgotten me it seems but never mind 🙂
    although I still remember she had made me a promise on my birthday 2011 that she will take me to nando’s in bangalore .. 😦

    Pixie is another gem of a person and she writes such lovely stories , awesome 🙂

    Both are someone i have a lot of respect for .. and i am glad i know both of them

  6. This is a lovely tribute to two wonderful women and yes, like many others here, I am a great fan of Bindu’s multitasking abilities. Reading, cooking, office, children and blogging (Genuflects).

    And Hema, she is a school girl who has accidentally married and pretends to be a grown up 😉 Love to both of them and an extra ounce for the Count.

  7. Beautiful and moving letters, fun too, both of them 🙂 As you have said, Hrishi, I too am in awe of that voracious appetite for books she has and the awesome baking/cooking she does! Toast to you too, Bindu 🙂
    I remember that rat snake wala post really well too 🙂 Cheers to both of these lovely persons, and indeed, the letters blogathon is really getting to be a treat all around 🙂

  8. Awww!! ❤ 🙂
    you made my morning extra bright with this beautiful letter!
    I cant wait to meet you either and its going to be so much fun!! Extra special bear hugs!! 🙂

  9. I cent percent agree with you about Bindu and her book reading and cooking and torturing us with her food photos!! 😀
    And, who can help not loving Pixie!!

  10. Such heartwarming letters to the two people I admire so much! Completely agree with what you have said about them, Hrishi. I’m in awe of Bindu too and I love absolutely Pixu to bits!

    Heres wishing you and the wonderful friendship that you share with them the very best 🙂

  11. Such lovely letters. I’ve met Pixie so I totally know what you mean when you say all those things about her 🙂

    And why no new posts?

  12. “I have always believed that cooking for someone, is converting your thoughts and feelings for them into something physical, and then sharing it with them.”

    You would change your mind either about the above statement that you made or about me when you happen to eat what I cook. 😛

    Lovely lovely letter that is. I want to read all of these and I promise that I shall be coming back here again and again to read the others. 🙂

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