How does one process the feeling of envy? Within itself, envy is very simple. Typically envy is the emotion one feels when somebody has something that they desire. There have been times that I have been envious of people, and typically those are times that make more sense. Sense in the manner that I can work the means out about. Things like people having a better phone, a car, a lovely set of jeans, a lovely spacious home, and such are easy.

I mean all things come for a price. If one is envious of people having things, one works out the price and the effort that goes into obtaining them. If you can, you make a transaction. If you can’t, you work a little extra for ‘x’ amount of days and then make the transaction. Those in want of instant gratification can utilize a loan, or credit and work it off later. The point I am trying to make is that if you’re envious for something you usually know what you’re going to have to do.

Of course there are things that one can’t work out the price of. When I am envious of someone being in the company of someone else, when the sense of longing for someone mutates into a feeling of envy on their being with someone else, how does one know what the ‘x’ is? How does one know what to do? How does one process that?

7 thoughts on “Envy

  1. At times when I feel envy and jealous it’s because I am actually thinking there isnt enough. Anyone who wants you wont put you in such a position. We place ourselves in circumstances and let our minds do the rest. Find someone else , change your perspective. Become the focus ! Live

  2. The moment I read the title of this, I knew where you will go with it. I’m still a little surprised I was right though.

    One can’t compute the non-tangibles. That’s why they are non-tangible.

    That particular envy isn’t easy to do away with. It usually pitches a tent in your head and settles down for years. 🙂

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  3. We shall talk about it more.. haven’t we already.. and there is that bit about envy and jealousy.. it defines a lack, but then what then becomes of the lack and what fills it later is I think the more pertinent question. Like it is human to err, it is human to be envious.. but then..

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