Recipe: Chocolate Fudge

As part of the Diwali traditions, sweets are bought and shared with friends and family. As usual, we used the sweets I get from work, along with some sweet chiki we make at home. This year I thought of doing something new as well. Chocolate has long been a favorite of mine, and having a celebration without it seems unfair. This is the recipe of the chocolate fudge that I made:


Milk Chocolate – 100 gms

Dark Chocolate – 50 gms

Fresh Cream – 1 table spoon

Nuts – 2 table spoons (Mixed and chopped)

Corn flakes/ Break fast cereal – 2 table spoons

Instant Coffee powder – 2 tea spoon


I used 44% Cocoa Dark Chocolate since the people I was to share with don’t like the bitter taste (:roll:). Please use 55% or 70% Dark Cocoa chocolates to get more of the bitter flavor.

Coffee powder has to be instant coffee/ freeze dry coffee powder you get which has to be only mixed in hot water/milk to be had. Do not use the coffee which requires the use of a filter.

You will also need 

Butter paper – 1 sheet

While you can directly pour the mixture into a vessel/bowl/plate for cooling and setting, it is better to use butter paper for lining as it will ensure that the fudge doesn’t stick to the walls and you can lick it off clean once you’re done. Licking off the remains is one of my favorite parts đŸ˜€


Chop up the chocolates. Mix the milk chocolate and dark chocolate slices.


Melt these chocolate slices either in the microwave or on the gas using the double boiler method.

Take a large bowl.

Fill with water, and put on gas till water starts to boil.

Place chocolates in a smaller bowl and place it inside the bowl with boiling water.

Use a spatula/spoon to press and mix the chocolates till they melt.

Do not expose the bowl with chocolates to direct heat.

Take a bowl and place butter paper on it. Press the butter paper so that it takes the shape of the bowl. Ensure that there are no cuts or tears.

Sprinkle all the nuts.


Add the coffee powder and cream to the melted chocolate, and mix well. Optionally you can add a bit of ground cinnamon or hazel nuts.

Pour the chocolate mixture on the nuts.


We will keep the bottom layer crunchy with the nuts, and not mix them in the fudge.

Sprinkle the corn flakes / cereal of choice on top of this. As with the nuts, we will not mix them into the chocolate mixture but keep them as a top layer.


I mixed some Chocos along with my corn flakes for more flavor.

Cover this with the excess butter paper or plate and let it set in the fridge for 5-6 hours. You can peel off the butter paper and cut it into cubes before serving, or use a spoon to eat it from the butter paper it self. Since it takes the form of a disc, I just break it off and eat it with my hands.