Black Hole

I thoroughly enjoy my dreams, at least the ones I can remember after I wake up. Some of my dreams tend to be lucid, where in I have a level of control on what I am doing or at least a sense of awareness of it being a dream and not the real world. How, do you ask? I don’t know. If I notice something out of place in a dream or something that jolts me I realize that I am dreaming. This either causes me to wake up, or the dream to become lucid. While I have had a fair share of such wonderful dreams (happy, interesting and scary nightmares) which I would like to write about, this particular one is about one I had today.

Now what has a black hole, got to do with my dream? A black hole is region in space which has inescapable gravity. So strong that even light cannot escape its pull, leading it to appear black. Since it is a black body that pulls everything in, it is called black hole. But what has that got to do with my dream? I dreamt of a black hole.

I dreamt that I was floating in space, and enjoying the vast cosmos. I could see planets, stars and entire galaxies as I lay floating in the infinite of space. It was like floating in a dark sea that was scattered with billions of lights of all sizes and clusters. It would look something like this:

Image of Outer Space, Wikipedia

I was floating in one particular direction towards a point. It was a black hole which was slowly but surely pulling me towards it. While I was not aware that it was a dream, I do remember feel fascinated by the idea of being pulled in a black hole. Slowly the pull started getting stronger and I was being pulled in faster. I felt that I was floating faster, but the stars seemed to be floating by slower. It was on this observation that I realized that I was not in the real world, and actually dreaming. On thinking about why the stars seemed to travel slower than my floating I realized that I was dreaming about the event horizon.

Now some of you may be wondering what an event horizon is (especially since I put an emphasis on it). An event horizon is a point of no return from the pull of a black hole. After crossing the event horizon the pull exerted on the body is so strong that it becomes impossible to escape it. In fact the pull is so strong that time itself slows down. To a person outside the event horizon, I might be still floating in the same speed, but to the object inside the event horizon time slows down due to the powerful pull of the black hole and it seems that everything beyond the point has stopped or become realllly slow.

As my fascination grew about getting to witness the event horizon, I began to feel afraid. Since I was beyond the point of no return, I felt that I may get stuck over there forever. STUCK IN TIME AND IN A BLACK HOLE, FOREVER. This sting of fear is what woke me up from my dream.

May be some time later I will write about more of the dreams I remember of. Have you had such dreams?