Two days ago was Friday, and Fridays are fun. I like the notion of weekends, where in you can kick back and enjoy the fruits of the week that went by. I didn’t understand it when Mom tried explaining to me when I was younger that I cannot enjoy something if I have not worked for it. Normally Friday night is spent catching up on the latest movie in the cinema with friends and chatting away till the wee hours. This Friday I came back from work a bit late due to some trials that I had to do to understand something. I have this huge bathtub in this new apartment I have rented with a friend and I thoroughly enjoy it. I lay in it as it filled up with cold relaxing water. Since it was a particularly tiring day, I filled it up till only my nose was above the water so that I could breathe. It is a wonderful feeling, everything just goes silent. Then slowly you can hear your own body, your heart and lungs pumping, the blood flowing. Soon the environment follows and I can hear sounds from the home below: a trace of the song the kid is head banging to, clanging of some vessels and I wonder what is being cooked.

This Friday most of the friends that live nearby were away for some reason, but I was not alone. I spend the time talking away with a friend on the phone. (Such a wonderful thing the phone is, I take it for granted some times. No matter where I am, I can message, talk, surf and do many more things with it. A wonderful thing about the people I like is that I can talk to them for hours. Sometimes it’s just being with them, not talking, just being.) Talking away till either of us feels sleepy or bored. Friday evening was also spent drinking ice cold water as the cold wind blew in from the window. I first noticed the ice cold water in The Big Bang Theory in one of the episodes where they are eating at the cheese cake factory. A glass of water filled with cubes of ice and then water in whatever space is left.

So what did you do two days ago?

11 thoughts on “Two days ago

  1. I love the quiet and how you can hear yourself and the surroundings with more clarity 🙂 I love the way you write, got a smooth flow to it. 🙂

  2. Since I am retired a year and a half, I don't care what day it is. I spend every day just being whatever that day calls for. Some days I am the daughter who also provides taxi service to the momma who would do anything for me and I for her. Some days I am a writer all day long. Some days I am the gardener, many days, really. Some days I am just a big slug soaking up sun and enjoying my life. Two days ago I was a wife and a gardener and a date for dinner. It was a good day! ♥

  3. I understand the importance of Sunday's … but I still couldn't feel as relaxed,there is always something as tiring waiting for me.

  4. I don't notice what day it is during the summer when the kids are off school. It is just one big weekend. Once school starts we go back to the ole routine and live for the weekend when we can stay up late and sleep in. I too find water so relaxing. It is one of the best things going!!Kathy

  5. I'm retired, but I have to have a schedule, so I have different things to do on each day of the week. The day is never long enough to accomplish everything I have on my list. Enjoyed your description of your day, tho I can't imagine enjoying a cold bath. I don't even like hot baths. Strictly a shower person–jump in, get clean, jump out. : – )

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