This was written few years ago on the occasion of friendship day.
From the darkness that lies dormant within my heart,

To the holy light of friendship you spill upon my every part.

From the days of victory, success and joy,

To the ones of loss, distress, and being treated like a small boy.

I seek something desperately that I need to survive.

From all the highs, lows, ups & downs,

To all the other things too that didn’t count.

From all the things that felt as if it took days,

To all the time that disappeared in a haze.

Someone out there saw too it that what I seek , I do find.

To prevent my life from going into an uncontrolled trance,

To prevent my thoughts from being only stray bangs,

To prevent myself from being just another disposable freak,

A balance in my life is what is what is seek.

Thank you oh dear friend for helping me find how much ever of what is still do seek!

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