I wrote this story long time ago when I hadn’t ventured in to fiction. Hence you are likely to find it a bit whimsical and well not so good.



You are this common everyday Yahoo! 360er, who just posted his (or her as applicable), latest entry, and then fell off to sleep. You are however having a difficult sleep. You seem to be shifting in your bed un-comfortably, and sweating hard. All of a sudden, you wake up. Sweat is trickling down your face and you heart is beating hard. It’s miracle you didn’t get a heart attack! It was highly unlike you. Normally you slept well, and never had such dream. In fact you can’t even remember what you dreamt about, you seem to forget the more you think, but only get flashes of demonic realms, and pain, and hell. To hell with it you think! You say your daily prayer.

You look around, everything seems fine. There’s your room, your bed and everything! You look at the time, and it’s Nine in the morning, sh*t you’ll be late for your job. But then you realize it’s just another Sunday and so no harm done. Your honey’s woken up and you smell some thing delicious from the kitchen. You get up, get fresh, and move down to the kitchen.

You see your sweety’s back, s/he’s preparing some thing to eat, and the kids are out playing. S/he asks: “Been up late Dear? Sit down, breakfast’s ready. It’s your fav. Today” IT seem so good, like a perfect day. Just as you pick up the lid of the food tray in front of you, you get the shock of your life. Served to you are a severed umbilical cord, and half a fetus’s face, floating in a bowl full of cooked, and spiced blood!(Yuck!) You throw the dish away from you, and yell “Holy sh*t”, and then your honey turns, and asks, “What happen didn’t you like it? I spent all morning preparing it for you!”

Something does not feel right, and soon a trickle of tear flows down your honey’s cheek. It’s no an ordinary tear, it’s blood, and a wicked smile! Darn. You run for it like hell, through the open kitchen door from where your kids enter, Hell, they seem a spawn of hell than kids. You don’t know what to do, and run aimlessly till your legs carry. You don’t know what to do, and stop @ the local phone booth, and call for a friend.

The phone rings. You hear the caller tune of your friend. It’s the voices of people screaming in pain, with a maniacal, sadistic laughter in the back ground. Instantly you drop the handset of the phone, and think that you are doomed, and don’t know what to do. For the first time in your life, you seem, scared, alone and helpless! And then out of the ordinary you hear the bell of the temple or church, or the mosque or wherever you go to.

There’s still hope. There’s still GOD!

You run off immediately to your place of worship. God can save you! You enter through the grand door, and find the head in meditation. You say “Swami Ji (or Father, or Maulvi ji or whatever applicable). I feel scared; it seems as if the devil has taken over. Help me. Save me!” and you weeping, you kneel down. The head, puts his/her hand over your head and says, “Don’t worry my child; He accepts all those who given in to him. The Devil has been waiting for you. Your time has come”! You look up; he has no eyes, just two endless voids.

Crap! You’re doomed, and you run to only collide with the mirror on the wall, and you hurt your arm and it bleeds due to this. As you look down in to the broken pieces you see your own demonic reflection. It takes over you and you join in the maniacal laughter.


The alarm goes off. You wake up with a start sweating and heart beating like hell. That was the worst dream, no nightmare of your life! You see your honey carelessly turn and turn off the alarm and drift back to sleep. S/he seems fine. You get up, and touch your self, and look into the mirror, everything’s fine. It was just a Bad Nightmare, nothing else. Screw it. You say your prayers, and go to get fresh.

Your honey’s eyes open, and there is the same malicious grin in those evil eyes, your nightmare has not ended, it’s just begun. And you’re brushing your teeth carelessly thinking how lucky you is that it was only a dream.

How wrong you are!!!!


The Names:

Female Y! 360er with the weird dream: Tammy!

Her Husband: Todd

Tammy gets fresh, and wakes her husband and kids up. She goes down to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. It’s her Birthday today, and yet no one had bothered to wish her!

By the time breakfast was ready, Todd was reading the morning paper at the breakfast table, and the twins were fighting over on who was to be served first. Their elder brother had left early in the morning for his fitness regime, way before others had woken up. Breakfast was strictly vegan; Tammy still had gory memories of the fetus head in the bowl of blood! Just as Tammy was about to clean after the delicious break fast , the twins began” Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Dear Mama, Happy Birthday to you!” It was all a surprise, and now Todd had come up with an elaborate present neatly packed from behind the paper. It was all planned, she thought; wish the third kid had returned by now.

He was the eldest and her favorite kid easily. Tammy still remembered how her gynecologist informed her that after her 2 failed attempts, she would never be able to conceive. Yet, miraculously after six months, a heart broken Tammy found out that she was pregnant! She paid extra care during that time so as not to harm the baby. Yet, with still three months, Tammy was admitted to the hospital. Complications had developed, and the doctor would need to extract the baby. After many complications, the baby was successfully taken out, but that was only the beginning of his struggle. He had developed an arterial blockage, an only after hours grueling surgery, was he declared safe. When Tammy was finally allowed to look at her first kid, it was as if the Goddess of Creation was looking down upon the most beautiful angel ever! It was not that she didn’t like the twins too, but somehow she felt more bonded to him.

At that very abrupt moment came the school bus, and the kids went for it. Todd came forward with the present, and asked “Do you like bugs sweetheart?” Bugs? Todd knew for sure that Tammy down right hated them. Todd opened the box to reveal that it contained some sort of deformed 6 inches carnivorous caterpillar out of hell, with fangs and proboscis ready to strike. It instantly leapt for Tammy but she managed to defend her self with the pan in her hand, deflecting the worm to the ceiling. She was shocked! Had her dream been a reality? Right then, the bug fell down on her, and slipped in through her shirt in to her bra, going direct for the heart.

Then out of no where came voice “Oh no you don’t! You don’t get to violate my mum right in her own kitchen!” Jim: her eldest son, the miracle baby entered; and some how with a raised hand, he telekinetically held the worm still. Todd turned. With the wave of his other hand Jim hit Todd with such a powerful telekinetic gust that Todd went crashing head first in to the Kitchen window. Then with both his hands, he brought the worm out, and seemed to want to tear it apart. The bug screamed so high, that the glassware in the kitchen began to crack. Then as if with surgical precision, the bug was sliced in 2 halves with an invisible scalpel, only to reveal its filthy insides as it fell down.

Tammy was confused! All this was too much to take in. Was she still dreaming?

No! It was real, Hell had broken loose!

PS: Tammy B was the inspiration for the bug thing , with her caterpillar in the bra incident!


Jim goes up to Tammy, and whips out a package of gift from under the table.” Happy Birthday Mom, hope I came on time.” Tammy was utterly flabbergasted, she didn’t know what to say or do. Al this seemed too much altogether at once. Demons are out to take over the world, and she’s even dreamt about it in advance; talk about all the weird Déjà vu! Her own husband is possessed and her eldest son seems to have some sorts of special powers!

Todd seemed to have finally recovered, and he did not seem any happy about what had just happened. In a total look of anger, he was walking up to Jim, muttering some sinister incantation. Jim, ”It’ll do you no good. I am way to quick and powerful than you for that. Meanwhile, you may go tell that bitch that you’ve failed her, and that I’ve made my choice in sticking with Tammy.” This seemed to have enraged him further, a pulsating vein was easily visible now on his forehead, “How dare you change sides, and insult Her Majesty on top of that. I’ll see to it personally that once she is the ruler of this world, I get to personally strip you of your powers, and punish in the most brutal way. Jim, “In case you’ve not forgotten that your majesty once was my mother, so I may call her all the names I may. Don’t test my patience; there are enough windows and doors here for me to go on about an hour more breaking your head with each.”

“There will be no need for that.” Everybody turned, standing in front of them was the queen of evil, Queen Frosty her self. {Sorry Frosty, but the name goes perfectly well with the character’s cold heart! Don’t mind please} she went on, “Todd, you seemed to have disappointed me. You were specifically warned that my son would be a trouble, but you happened to have rusted over the eons you worked with me. Don’t forge that I forgive no mistakes!” As she said this, she moved forward, and with one swipe oh her hand, she sent streaks of bright light towards Todd, which sliced him up neatly in to several pieces! Evidently, Tammy flinched. Frosty went on in rants of laughter with words such as ‘weak hearted’ easily were being made out. Jim decide to move up to Tammy, and held her hand. It shivered. Not taking any offence, Jim went on, “This as you would have noticed, is Queen Frosty, the Mistress of all evil. I was once her son, but I got so attracted to you, that I decided to be reborn as a complete human. Having all this powers is only a side effect of my previous life. Don’t worry; I will always be by your side!” Somehow all this felt highly re-assuring, but the chilly presence of the queen was highly troublesome. Jim noticed. “You will of course leave now as I assume, coz you seemed to have done both the jobs you’ve come for.” “Both my jobs,” replied Frosty,”you have not lost your touch.” “Yes, that is something that will always be there with me. Mind you, you do seem to have mellowed down, that is something that may not be in your favor, when we meet next time. I can easily remember, the last guy that failed you was force-fed boiling oil.” Smiling and with a blinding flash, she teleported off to her grand palace, scheming her next move.

Just as he turned to face Tammy , to fill her up with all the missing details, WHACK! He got one tight slap from her right across the cheek that left one not so pretty mark. Tammy put up her usual I_AM_GONNA_KICK_YOUR_ASS_FOR_THIS rant. He had in a way kept her in the dark for all this time.


Tammy was going on with her rant on how she was kept in the dark all this while, and that how she should have been better informed that her hubby was not all what he seemed. It was the first time she was so mad with Jim, in fact it was the first time he had ever managed to get on to her nerves ever. Needing her to stop, and calm down for him to have his say, and as cunning as he was, he said, “You should get mad at me more often now, it kinda makes you look cute!” The words had the desired the effect, and she immediately fell silent. Then out of nowhere she hugged him with all her might, with cheeks rolling with tears just like a mum does to a son who’s just returned from war.

All this many emotions he had not expected, and one Kodak moment later, he was ready to tell her almost everything she needed to know. He motioned her to go and take a seat in the hall, as he followed her after picking up something to eat and drink along all he had to say. After al he had years worth of things to tell her. Tammy was now all ears, and gestured him to begin.

“As you would have already gathered that Frosty was once my mother, as you yourself are now. She is hell bent on eradicating love from this world, and believes that the only way to do so is total domination. She is one of the most powerful and mean evil spirits that has existed almost since the creation of humanity. She has no corporeal form in our world, so she possesses the body of others who succumb to her. This poor lady will be enslaved with her until someone doesn’t destroy this body to free her.”

“During her initial years, she fell in love with a fellow spirit called E. {don’t mind please Mister E.} Out of their love I was born. Some time later however, E. decided to take on the archangels, and in a fight with Uriel, he fell in to a pool of holy water, and was fully cleansed much to her rage. This took a very bad effect on her, and she is now trying to eradicate love for that reason. It was this particular love that prevented me from turning fully evil!” Tammy immediately caught this, “Fully evil? What are you then, good or evil?” “Let’s just say I am a good soul but with a teeny hint of evil!”

“Yet some how in your life before this, I fell in love with you. Yes. I decided to be re-born as a human in your this life to be with you. When she learned this, she messed it all up so that I may receive motherly love from you in this life so as to teach me a lesson. It was kinda obvious that she would attack some time or the other, and knew about Todd too, I just was waiting for the right time to tell you. I just didn’t want to scare you before it all took place.”

Some how Tammy felt a whole lot weird now. Was the one she was supposed to be married to instead of Todd instead born of her very womb? He was talking so calmly about it as if it was all in a day’s work and bloody normal. “Don’t worry though,” continued Jim “you are my mother this life, and we’ll let it stay that way. No sweat.” Tammy however had other things on her mind “But what about her now? You’ve definitely got great powers; you can get rid of her can’t you?” sounding concerned, and hopeful at the same time.

“I am however a human now, she is still as powerful as she was. Both of us have our limitations.” He replied as he ran his hand across the mark that was left by the tight slap he had moments ago got from Tammy for the very first time. She flushed. Smiling and sipping some more fruit juice, he went on “Destroying this one body will only give us time to find some way to contain her before she finds another host, and then all this starts all over again. We will have to gather all our strengths, and face all weaknesses if are to face her.” Jim had now fallen silent as he ate some bread and butter. Silence is a powerful weapon. It sinks your word straight in.

Tammy racked her brains for anything she may have missed. “You told her that she had accomplished both her tasks. What were they?” He smiled in a sarcastic way, “By executing Todd in such a violent way she not only scared you enough to improve her prospects in the future, but also grew more powerful from the fear she arose in you. Fear, anger, hatred and all such things grow her more powerful. The results will of course not be so nice as you will experience much to your cost.”

“But you can fight her can’t you? You aren’t afraid of her. You’ll take her on.”

“Yes, I believe it will amount to that eventually, but the last time we seriously fought ended kinda in a no contest, and that too when I was way more powerful as a non human.” He decides to go out and bask some sun while he could. She followed. “My only concern is how you’ll fare when you’ll face her in the future.” That was however answered by an eerie feeling. The sun suddenly went dark, and the earth shaked, and slowly bean turning to hell on earth. She spoke, “I guess we’re about to find out.” Then in front of then appeared Frosty, suited for battle along with a very barbaric, strong looking demon warrior thirsty for blood, human blood. All this happening too soon, Jim hadn’t even fully prepared Tammy yet. Just as Tammy moved, with a snap of Frosty’s fingers, chains appeared out of thin air, and tied her up. It was worthwhile Frosty believed to let her live, and watch Jim die a gruesome death for committing the mistake of falling in love.

As the warrior moved forward for his obvious prey, Jim sent a gust of Telekinesis towards him, which it much to his dismay countered effortlessly. Thinking of something else, he ripped out an entire section of the road with his powers, and launched it towards it with all force. It merely raised its hands and with some concussive energy beam disintegrated the projectile in to dust. Having no other choice left, Jim then summoned on to him a magnificent scythe made purely of energy. He had now to face the prime warrior of hell hands on!


There have been not so many events across the ages that all the powers that be have come to witness first hand : corporeal or incorporeal, visible or invisible, close or distant, existent or not. This was one of these not so many!

Jim watched and thought over, scythe in his hands, focus steady on his opponent. He was thinking it all over, contemplating his next move. The opponent was way more powerful than he had expected, and he himself was inarguably a human. This power imbalance was not the least of his concerns, but at the same time, it was not his most either. The entire human existence as we know it was at stake. Screw that, above all Tammy was at stake. He was ready to fight till the last of his essence to ensure that the love of his life would remain safe, unharmed, and of free will. And for that he was ready to succumb to one of mankind’s greatest shortcomings – DEATH!

Shunning all doubts and fear aside he leapt forward scythe blade first to strike the warrior. Instead he just connected with the blade of his opponent. With one gigantic swipe, it hit Jim, sending him several feet away crashing in to the walls of his house. Luckily for him these were made of timber not concrete. Still motivated, he sent forward an even more powerful gust of concussive force, which this time met its target. Much to his dismay however it only thrust the warrior back by a few steps.

All this seemed too dramatic for Tammy to just watch. She was visibly struggling against the chains that bound her, to free herself and help in way possible. Frosty on the other hand was enjoying all this, just as an even more sinister thought came to her mind.

“You wish to fight and successfully defeat me, while you can’t even take care of my minion! Looks like you could do with some more motivation.” And then with another snap of her fingers, some of the chain links binding Tammy began to sear. The pain and agony were too much, and Tammy creamed like a banshee set on fire!

“NO!” yelled Jim, as Frosty then stopped this extra pain. This enraged him to a new level, and then a force of a great magnitude erupted from his body directed at the warrior. It tried to block it, but instead the force not only shattered its blade in to many pieces, but also flipped the demon off the ground, flat on the ground. Then as the fallen warrior got up; with one great energy strike with his scythe Jim, ruptured its hide, mortally wounding it. Then after taking his time to cool down, he turned his attention finally towards Frosty. “You’re next.” Frosty came forward, “Yes finally the moment I’ve been waiting for all this while, to teach you a lesson for all your misdoings. First I’ll do away with all the distractions.” She raised her hand and pointed it towards Jim. Expecting some thing from it, he went in to a defensive posture. However it was not him that was the target. With her psionic powers, she launched one of the broken pieces of the blade right at Tammy. It happened all too soon to counter. The blade hit Tammy, impaling her straight in to the heart!

Jim ran and managed to get hold of her before she’d hit the ground. Neither said anything as their eyes conveyed what was needed. Tears began to emerge Tammy’s eyes and she was no more with him. Just as the first drop of tear hit the floor, something happened that even Frosty experienced. Jim’s heart stopped beating. He turned. “If you won’t le others have their own peaceful world, I won’t let you have yours.”

His still heart began to grow darker and darker, and for the very first time the evil in him was now awakened by the rage and the loss of his beloved. All the dark energy from the world soon began to channel towards him, collecting in him making him more powerful than Frosty had ever been. But all the goodness that was in him, and all the evil him began to clash. It was like matter and anti-matter together. Soon Jim released from him an enormous explosion that slowly encompassed the whole galaxy and left nothing behind. Frosty was finally defeated but at a price!

Soon nothing was left of this Milky Way but endless void. Then two stars blue in two different shades began to light. God had now the task of recreating the human world so that the souls may now unite. God had found his new Adam & Eve

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