He was lying sprawled on his bed when he felt the vibration. It was a tiny vibration and he heard the closing ding of the ringtone that would usually accompany it. This particular tone meant that he had received a message on WhatsApp. He cringed after he unlocked the phone as the white and blue light from it stung his eyes. After his eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the sudden influx on bright light, he saw that it was two in the morning. He was not surprised as some friend of his would be awake in the US and would have sent him a message. He slid down the notification bar and clicked the notification with his thumb. It was the picture of a pillow.

 A pillow? Why I am being sent a picture of a pillow, he thought. He looked up to see that it was from his friend Sara.

 “?” He pinged her back.

 “My pillow” was the instant reply.

 “Yes I can see that it is a pillow. I can still see” was his sassy reply.

 “Arrey baba, you asked me na , whom I love the most.”

 “So you love your pillow the most?” He got up and sat with his back rested against the wall. This conversation was getting interesting.

 “Of course”.


 “Oh my pillow is so loyal. He didn’t cheat on me like my ex, he doesn’t lie to me, and is always there for me. Whenever I feel sad or weak, he’s there for me to cry upon. Whenever I feel happy, he’s there for me sleep with a content smile on.”

 “Wow, lucky pillow.” Luckier than him, he thought.

 “Now don’t you start feeling all jealous of my lovely boy friend :P”

 “Totally jealous :D”

 “So what are you doing now?”

“Wondering if you would rather send me a picture of yourself instead of your boy friend.”

 “Now? But I am already in the bed. Staring at the fan go round and round.”

“Yeah, bet the fan is hitting on you as well.”

 “LOL :D”


He wondered if that really did make her laugh. She had a wonderful laugh which was unrestrained. A nice loud laugh that came from the inside, he wondered if this was one of those ones.


 “I am feeling sleepy now. Do you want me to call you to wake up in the morning? “

“No.. It’s better to stay awake till 5 than to be woken up at 5. Good night, sleep well. You and your pillow.”



 And the screen went blank as he locked the phone. He had close to three hours of time to kill before he would have to start getting ready to leave for work. He wondered how he should spend those three hours. He got up and went to the bath room to wash his face. He turned the geyser on, and let the bathtub fill with hot water. He went to the kitchen to grab cold can of cold cola from the fridge to drink as he spend time on his laptop surfing the net. He fired up his mail and facebook, and started to read a blog posted by his sister. It was a small piece of fiction about story challenge to be written on the theme of having received a picture message in the night.


He smiled. Here was a story he was more than happy to write.


Written in response to Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo

Inspired from The message

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