He was walking down the road when he crossed her shop. He had stopped momentarily with no intention walking in when with his next breath he took in the fresh, warm aroma of hot cake. The kind that makes you take a deep breath and fills you with warmth and joy. He walked in, guided by his nose and saw her laying the cakes out. He gestured with his finger for one and she smiled as she put one on plate for him. He sat down and took a small bite while she smiled in return at his happy smile.


Written for 100 words on Saturday – Week 9 Prompt: Quiet Conversations

100 Words On Saturday

13 thoughts on “Quiet Conversations

  1. Lucky you! Choco cake and her beautiful smile…choco cake can lead to lotsa other thgs..y not a love story..hehhe
    PS: Just see if my comments are reaching ur spam..please remove me having issues with WP. Thanks man

    1. Hey thanks for the headsup.. Your comments were indeed routed to spam for some reason, I have changed them to approved comments ..

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