Food has always been something that makes me happy. Some of my favorite memories are associated with it. I think I have now come to a level where food is something beyond the daily nutrition a body needs. It is a spiritual experience. Food is something that can make you salivate as you look at it, a mere whiff of well-made food can give you goose bumps, while taking a long slow bite will have you close your eyes and just get lost and the juices flow down your throat.

This post is about one of my favorite place to eat: Barbeque Nation (Vadodara). While I have been living in Baroda since 2009 started, and kept hearing rave reviews of the place I could only eat there a year after in 2010. It happened as a spontaneous decision, when I was discussing with a friend where we could get to eat some wonderful chicken. Twenty minutes later, we were giving out orders for juice at the place.

Let me tell you how the place works. You select one complimentary drink from the menu (and can order more that will be charged extra), while they start serving you starters on your table. The center of the table has been cut out to make place for a mini barbeque, where skewered foods will be placed with red hot coals below the grille. Let me tell you that their food is wonderful. One of the best I have ever had. My friend and I literally hogged our way through them. When we were about to be feel full, we asked for the bill to be brought in. The server who came asked if enjoyed our main course, which made my ears twitch and ask him where the main course was, followed by asking him if we would be charged extra for it (sheepishly so, I might add).

The main course you see, is part of the package. It is not served to you at your table, you have to go take what you want in your plate instead. There are salads, soups, daals, sabjis, some pulav or biryani of some sort. Rotis and naans are served at your table though. Yes, both veg and non-veg options are available in the main course as well. I had my second emotional surge when I saw that there was a big assortment of desserts as well. Belt loosening, salivating and becoming a poster boy for ‘kid in a candy shop’ later saw me eating even more. This is how it is at all barbeque nation places, and how I am each time I visit them.

I have been to this particular Barbeque Nation many times, and once to a different city as well. While the food was awesome at both the places, I have a soft corner for this on account of the fondness for the staff here who are ever so courteous and happy to serve you. No matter how packed the place is, their service and quality doesn’t go down. I have pictures of one such time spent there with friends, which I will share with you now.

Chicken, lamb and fish on skewers
Broccoli, mushrooms and some other vegetables
Broccoli, mushrooms and some other vegetables
Our drinks. I have a pearl oyster. Which had an egg in an oyster on a bed of ice
Our drinks. I have a pearl oyster. Which had an egg in an oyster on a bed of ice
Gulping the oyster
Gulping the oyster
Trying to have it all in a go
Trying to have it all in a go
The fish
The fish
This is the wonderful reaction to that wonderful dish
This is the wonderful reaction to that wonderful dish
Closeup of the fish. Don't ask the name, forgot
Closeup of the fish. Don’t ask the name, forgot
Friends having a go at the salads
Friends having a go at the salads
I love desserts, and they love me back
I love desserts, and they love me back
This is how I look when I am lost to good food

Written for the Write Tribe Festival of Words -2. Day 2 prompt : Food

34 thoughts on “Happiness on a barbeuqe

  1. I too love BBQ. I often visit BBQ in Ahmedabad…seems I will visit the one in Baroda too 😀 You know, check out the difference despite having same interior and ambiance. 😀

  2. LOL!!
    you made me hungry looking at all that food!!
    I have been to the Barbeque Nation in Bangalore and it was fun! Though there isn’t much for vegetarians.. it was fun watching my friends pig out! 😛

  3. Earky morning right from bed I’m seeing this and that too during my lent season. God give me strength to withstand all these temptations.
    But the food looks awesome. BBQ is always the holiday food here…. esp when the family decides to have a beachside party.

  4. Now I know where to go when I visit Vadodara. There is a restaurant here that serves barbecue on the table just like this. But it is not called Barbecue Nation. It is called “Mirchi”. I wonder who got the idea from whom? 😀

    I only eat chicken and paneer kebabs and tikkas. And most buffets, I usually skip the main course. I am a starters and desserts person. 😀

    Lovely pictures. The joy of good food clearly visible on the faces. 🙂

    1. I know of a couple of other palces over here, where food is served in the same manner.. Some have come after BN, some were there before.. But this place beats them all

  5. title of your post is innovative. thanks for introducing me to Barbeque Nation. It is near my place but had never ventured inside. Now I WILL GO AND THE PICS ARE lovely.

  6. I love your first paragraph, not that I needed you to tell me that. Have started calling you Hrishkesh ‘Food’ Bawa, looking at the scores of foodie pictures you like posting and making us lesser mortals feel deprived. My favourite bit of this post is the last picture. Your love shows! 😀

  7. Barbeque Nation – your idea of heaven, no? You have such a beatific expression on your face! 😉 We’ve got a BN just down the road and I’ve never been! Can you believe that? 😛

  8. You’re a true foodie! What pictures man! Drooling. 😛 I am yet to experience this place. We have so many outlets of BBQ in Delhi and NCR, but it’s always jam-packed. Last anniversary I had planned to give him a surprise lunch date close to his office, but he had an important meeting and I had to cancel it. 😦 Might try it out soon as the next anniversary is round the corner. 😀

  9. Your expression in the last pic speaks volumes! We have been to Barbeque Nation at Lucknow and it was a fab experience too! Must visit the one in our city!

  10. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, and you my friend have spoken more than 1000 words per picture in this particular post. Lovely take on the food prompt for the day 😀

  11. You know Barbeque Nation is my most favorite place to dine. The one in our area has been visited umpteen times and we still don’t seem to have enough of it. The fish looks awesome by the way. And given the fact that you love your food, you have done complete justice with all the lovely pics. Damn, you make me hungry again!

  12. Crazy photographs… Can see you guys are having an awesome time! Just had a sumptuous lunch at barbeque nation yesterday… the place is a must for foodies like us…and it never dissapoints me!

  13. Man, you and I have a lot more in common than just a passion for writing and Assassin’s Creed 🙂 BBQ Nation rocks! As for your post, **burp** ..loved it !

  14. I guess this is my first visit to your blog. Brilliant description of food served at BBQ Nation. I hope they know you have written such nice words about them. May be you can send them a link or a printout of this post. This once, you will bring a smile to them.
    See you around the WriteTribe Challenge.

  15. It is my most favourite place!! And funny I am going tomorrow for a party there 🙂 They don’t give us a drink as part of the deal in lucknow though…


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