I love those happy accidents when I find a place I have never been to before, and end up having brilliant food at it. One night, my old room mate and a friend came over and asked me to join them for a drive. Since none of us had dinner, the idea was to have something on the way. We had taken the old NH8 highway out of Baroda towards Ahmedabad. Around 9 kilometers on the highway, we stopped outside this place which we hadn’t seen before. Since the place had opened only two months ago, few people knew of it then.

Gokul board

I absolutely loved this idea of having small tents over each table. This way you can enjoy the cool breeze that is blowing, and yet maintain your small personal space. There are lights and pedestal fans inside the tent, for when the wind is not enough.

gokul tents Gokul tentThese are how the tents looks up close. There is enough space inside for a group of 6 to sit and eat comfortably.

Three of us were in the mood for Kathiawadi (belonging to Saurashtra region of Gujarat) food, so this is what we ended up ordering:

Wagharela Rotla (Broken flat bread that has been stir fried with spices and sauce)

Gokul rotla

There was Lasanya Bateka (Potatoes made in a gravy with loads of garlic)
Gokul bateka

The friends love Brinjal so we ordered Ringan/Baingan Bhartha (Squashed Brinjal)

Gokul bhartha

And some Ringad ane papdi nu saak (Brinjal Sabjee with beans)

Gokul brinjal

Of course we had piping hot rotis with fresh white makhan (butter) on them

Gokul rotibutterSince I felt adventurous, we had fried sated chillies (which I didn’t eat , and my friends had to finish)
Gokul chillies

And this is how my plate looked when we were eating.

Gokul plate


So, if you ever end up with a craving for Kathiawadi food, with some lovely ambience, I will accompany you here.


Written for day 7 of the A to Z challenge, 2014



21 thoughts on “Gokul Ras thad, a delicious discovery

  1. ok.. now I’m really really hungry! 😛

    it does look like you had a great time and the food looks yummy!

    (see the advantages of commenting on your posts now? I got to be first after ages!! :mrgreen: )

  2. I am hungry now *goes to the kitchen to find some food. Realizes it will look nothing like the pictures, Sulks*
    it looks awesome tents and all….the whole experience must have been wow

  3. Okay so you’ve begun teasing my taste buds eh…!! Lol…!!
    Spicy Kathiyawaadi Food is to die for – Any given day…! Bharta, sev tamatar and bhindi – u mustn’t ever avoid while coupling it up with a rotla followed by some khichdi and kadhi.
    And yes, some freshly prepared achar, desi makkhan, chhas and sukhdi for sweets – Ah! Hrishikesh, let’s go out tomorrow evening..!!

  4. Based on the photos and your description, the food must be delicious!

    Not-too-heavy tents over each table allow you to enjoy the advantages of an indoor place and an outdoor place.

  5. I am not going to speak to you for this, Hrishi. *sob sob* I will have to wait till next year! But yeah, you are going to take me there and pay for it too!
    Dear Lord. What other posts has this guy up his sleeve?!

    1. Lol… So we both have pending visits with Hrishikesh! He missed my wedding because he was sleeping! And now he owes me a treat..! 😛

  6. oh i love this place and the food pics. Lately I have developed love for all things Indian when it comes to food which was never the case earlier. And the food looks delicious. Btw I am jealous of the picture of your plate, I can never manage this clean plate when I am into the food.

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