Dear D,

I am not writing your name here and using a letter instead so that people won’t be able to make a connection as to who you are, for obvious reasons. Sometimes I believe it is downright uncanny as to the manner in which you get an insight into what I write. I am of course referring to some micro poems that I had written, and you called them on spot on in our chats. Our chats, how I love our chats.

What I love the best about them is that the honesty we share in it. We don’t seem to run out of things to share with each other. That we can at times not talk for days with only as much as a good morning, and then pick up after for a long conversation is an aspect that I cherish. I remember the time we met for coffee, and spoke so much and go so carried away that the lady on the table next to us had to ask us to tone it down. To be so lost in conversation with another person, it is not a surprise that it left a cherished memory.

But all of this, makes me happy and worried at the same time. We’re two different souls, so very different. I am an atheist, and you’re religious. I would go to all ends if it meant getting what I want, and you’d give up all things if it meant doing so for the family. And yet I find myself gravitating towards you, Gravity, yes that is what I think of. A force that I cannot see, yet it definitely pulls me towards you.

One of the earliest conversations that I remember with you is of your time in Bombay when you had gone for a friend’s marriage. It was followed by some time on the beach with friends, where you chatted away to glory. The idea of it stuck to me. A time spent with you in a place where our conversations wouldn’t be interrupted. I would want to cook for you. I haven’t done that yet. Happiness has mostly involved food for me. And cooking for someone, I believe is putting what you think in to some thing physical.

I would definitely like that, a time together, conversations and some cooking. But let us see where and what end up with.

With love 🙂


Written for Day 2 of the 30 days 30 Letters prompt: A letter to your crush

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40 thoughts on “Dear D

  1. I’ve been avidly reading your series. Even toyed with the idea myself. But somehow I’ve become lazy I think. 🙂

    Seriously though, this letter was beautiful. If someone had written so to me 25yrs ago, I’d have totally flipped for the guy. No questions asked.

    Write on dude. You have my undivided attention. Bless you!
    Sent from My Blackberry® @ Tata Docomo

  2. Beautiful letter! You’ve opened your heart, but in such a way that, even if your feelings aren’t reciprocated, D would not be upset in any way. If your feelings are reciprocated, she’ll be floored!!

  3. By God, the lady is llluckkkkyyy.. if you both meet your happy ending, please do a follow up and let the world know how awesome it is.. there is nothing i love more than reading true love stories.. God bless you… did I tell you I am psychic and God loves me and mostly fulfills my wishes.. I am gonna pray your crush has a crush on you too 🙂

  4. What a beautiful letter, the essence its the purity of thoughts in it. I am sure your ‘D’ would be left for wanting for more in addition to your self cooked food 🙂

    Best wishes may this lead to the conversations, your time together, and ofcourse some cooking for her and it stays for life.

  5. oh!! I loved loved it!!
    I hope D read it too!

    It made me smile and believe in the power of words and love all over again 🙂

  6. This is such a heart felt letter. Wow. If I had someone write me something like this *Sigh*

  7. Tell me, has D read this? Because if she has, sharpen your cooking skills. She is going to grant you your wish 😀

  8. D is for Dhiren! and if you want to cook for me I am all game! 😀 😀 😀

    Bring it on! 😀

    psst… did she fall for it yet?! 😛

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