Seven as Lord Voldemort says, is the most powerfully magical number. It is no surprise that you have the Seven Wonders of the World, the seven seas, the seven continents, the seven octaves in music, Seven color rings of power, and so on.

The idea to use 7 as a prompt came on the Write Tribe Group, where it was proposed to hold a seven day long writing festival called ‘Festival of words’, from the 1st to 7th September. The only prompt was the number 7, and one can have a run with it anyway one wants.

I chose to do 7 things I want. Each day I will write about a thing/aspect that I want, why I want it and what (if anything) I can do about it or am doing.


Day 1 – I want to be able to be a fly on the wall.


Not a literal fly on the wall, but the proverbial fly on the wall who can secretly observe what is going on at a place .An important aspect would be able to transform back and forth from Human to said fly at will. I don’t want to be stuck as a fly once I transform. What good would all my observations be, if I am stuck in the form of a fly? My life as a human would be gone.

I wouldn’t mind being a literal fly on the wall too, as long as I can be an animagus (like in Harry Potter) but that would still be no guarantee as to which animal I transform into, but at least I would retain my human mental faculties when I transform. This is one of the most important aspects that needs to come along. Of what good would it be if I were to turn into a fly and then be a fly mentally as well? That instead of sitting (or is it sticking?) on the wall and observe the people I want to, I would just buzz around looking for bins and poop to sit on?

No, I need a better method. I remember that Dumbledore and Voldemort can cast dis-ilussionment charms so powerful that they become invisible. This would be wonderful, for I would retain my human form and faculties. However, if I were to get the magical knowledge and power of Dumbledore and/or Voldemort then it would be a different thing entirely. Imagine the possibilities! No looking for things for when I would lose them, I would just Accio them! No spending on transportation, as I would either fly to or just apparate at will wherever I want to. Let me not digress from topic though, If I had to write about all that I could and would if I were a wizard like the Potterverse wizards then I would probably exhaust myself.

The whole idea of becoming a fly on the wall came from the Heisenberg Uncertainty people which can be condensed in the line “It is impossible to determine accurately both the position and the direction and speed of a particle at the same instant.” This has also been referred to as the observer’s effect. When someone knows that they are being observed, they don’t act in the normal way and you don’t get to observe them in their natural state.

Of course this leads to the question as to why would I like to be the proverbial fly on the wall and observe in the first place? Because it is wonderful to see people work. When people are lost in nothing but their work and doing what they want, it is simply beautiful to watch them just be.

Written for the Write Tribe Festival of words. Seven blog posts in seven days


11 thoughts on “I want to be able to be a fly on the wall

  1. Hmm! Such people exist? Who will be immersed in work? I thought we had all morphed to people who can be immersed in only one activity – totting up our wealth 🙂

  2. Oh wouldn’t be a cool thing now! Personally, I would love to be able to be able to get inside people’s head and be able to observe how it ticks!
    One question though – Anyone particular wall that you would want to check out first?

  3. I love to see people work.. make it some people, for instance there was this guy in the lending library I used to frequent, his work was to cover the books with the plastic foil.. the expertise of the man was mindblowing.. I used to spend hours watching him do his act.. the meticulouness and the precision.. the end product looked laminated, rather than covered not an unwanted wrinkle here or there.. fly on the wall.. I feel I am many a time, if people let me be.. literally for both of us, difficult proposition with the girth 😛 😛

  4. Awesome post, loved how you took off into the Potterverse and then came back to Muggle World with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

    In fact, there are a lot of flies on the wall in the blogging world, people who just read posts and leave without letting the author know about their thoughts on the posts 😦

  5. To be that fly, mental faculties and all, and watch the world, especially when they do things they love to do!
    Or try a bit of all that is magical like Dumbledore and his associates did.
    Sigh. If only.
    Loved the way you ended it! The why of it all.

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